About Us

Hi Winelover!

My name is Luka Ocvirk and I run this store. I am from Slovenia and I am also in love with wine. I am a certified wine expert (WSET level 2). I work as a sommelier in the biggest wine bar in Slovenia, and here it came to my attention that people from all over the world haven't heard about slovenian wine (which is amazing if I may add). And this is what I am trying to change. 
I guarantee you will find a wine suitable to your taste on this store, and for any questions I am always available via email (luka@diwineology.com) or Whatsapp (+38631823539).
Altough Slovenia is pretty young considering winemaking, we make some seriously good wine, which is proven every year with rewards on international level.
I hope you will find something of interest on my store and I hope to hear from you soon!