Located in the southeast of Slovenia, Posavje is the smallest of the three wine-growing regions, but its size certainly doesn’t hinder it when it comes to producing fine wines. In addition to various internationally known wine varieties, such as Modra Frankinja (Blaufränkisch), Chardonnay, Beli Pinot (Pinot blanc), and exquisite sparkling wines, Posavje also offers special local blended wines which have become a part of the region’s culture: Metliška črnina, Bizeljčan and Cviček, the pride of Dolenjska’s blended wines. Posavje wine-growing region consists of three major districts: Dolenjska, Bizeljsko - Sremič and Bela Krajina.


Dolenjska wine region

The biggest wine-growing district by area is also one of the seven official regions of Slovenia. Its diversity of landscape and countless small vineyard cottages, known as “zidanice” in Slovene, make Dolenjska one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the country, especially for wine lovers. When in Dolenjska, there is really just one answer to the question “Which wine would you recommend?” Cviček!




Wine growing district of Bizeljsko – Sremič consists of two smaller wineproducing areas, Bizeljsko and Sremič, and lies on the very southeast of Slovenia, bordering on Croatia. Bizeljsko – Sremič wine-growing district has established itself as one of the leading producers of sparkling wines in Slovenia in recent years, and its blended wines, such as Bizeljčan, have been adored among the local population for decades.