Piro Chardonnay Bosc

Piro Chardonnay Bosc

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Bosc is the name of the very best and most sunny location and area of the vineyard. Chardonnay Bosc from that location is from late harvest carried out on the full ripeness of the grapes. Wine is made with the process of cold maceration (for 24 hours) and it is aged in oak barrels (barriques) for 18 months. Chardonnay Bosc is very complex wine with high alcohol extacts and 14 % of alcohol content which indicates the potential of this wine. The wine is straw-yellow in colour, which indicates the ripeness of the grapes. Its fragrance is reminiscent of oranges, almonds, walnuts, fresh butter, baked bread. It has quite spicy and very long lasting flavour with notes of vanilla and herbs. It is an excellent accompaniment to fresh cheeses and salami, red meat and venison.

Country of origin: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: 100% Chardonnayr

Alcohol volume: 14%

Wine style: Dry white

Closure: Cork

Brand: Piro

Size: 750mL

Current vintage: 2021

Vinification: controlled fermentation at temparature of up to 18°C, 12 months on wine lees in oak barrels (barrique)

Recommended serving temparature: 12-14°C

Awards: - Decanter – Silver Medal – Chardonnay 2011

-Chardonnay Du Monde – Silver Medal– Chardonnay 2016