Piro Pinot Grigio

Piro Pinot Grigio

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It is also known as "rulandec" – after the wine merchant J.S. Ruland, who has brought the vine from Burgundy to the Štajerska region in 1711. After more than two hundred years the vine became known once again by its original name – pinot grigio. Pinot grigio is a variation of the pinot noir. The skins of the berries are of a greyish-red colour and the pulp is white. Because the colour of the berries varies so much, the colour of the wine itself can go from green-yellow of the young wines to a deep golden hue. But the ideal colour is bronze yellow. It is a fullbodied wine with a rounded taste and a distinct bouquet. It is an excellent accompaniment to various fish, pasta dishes and many other types of food.

Country of origin: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: 100% Pinot Grigio

Alcohol volume: 15%

Wine style: Dry white

Closure: Cork

Brand: Piro

Size: 750mL

Current vintage: 2022

Vinification: controlled fermentation at temparature of up to 18°C, 10 months in neutral (inox) tanks

Recommended serving temparature: 10-12°C