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It originates in the nearby Furlania region and very rarely reaches beyond Goriška Brda. Despite the name this wine has nothing to do with the Hungarian tokaj, which belongs to the Tokaj region in Hungary and is not a designation of the grape variety. But with the entry into the EU the Friuli tocai have to change its name in sauvignonasse. The Friuli tocai is of a bright yellow colour with greenish hints, it has a well-defined bouquet reminiscent of almonds and an intense fruity and flowery aroma. It can have relatively high alcohol content; nonetheless it gives the impression of a mellow wine, probably because of its moderate acidity. The cellaring demands particular care. Because of its weak acidity the Firuli tocai is considered an excellent aperitif. It is recommended with pasta and rice dishes.

Country of origin: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: 100% Sauvignonasse

Alcohol volume: 14%

Wine style: Dry white

Closure: Cork

Brand: Piro

Size: 750mL

Current vintage: 2021

Vinification: controlled fermentation at temparature of up to 18°C, 10 months in neutral (inox) tanks

Recommended serving temparature: 10-12°C