Ronk Cabernet Sauvignon

Ronk Cabernet Sauvignon

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Despite of the diversity of terroirs, Cabernet Sauvignon retains an indisputable “cab” i. e. character. Clear, ruby red color with scarlet shades. Dominated by intense and persistent fragrance, reminding us of the green forest undergrowth, as well as blackberries and blueberries. The scent is elegant and moderately rich. The taste is fresh, youthful and pleasantly tannic. Moderate warmth and nice softness enhances its harmony. The body is full and elegant.  You will enjoy this wine mostly with tasteful meat dishes. Also with stronger sauces, game meat and mature cheeses.

Country of origin: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: 100% Carbernet Sauvignon

Alcohol volume: 13,5%

Wine style: Dry red

Closure: Cork

Brand: Ronk

Size: 750mL

Current vintage: 2017

Vinification:  fully ripened grapes, maceration at monitored temperature for 30 days, fermentation in stainless steel tanks and soft pressure with pneumatic wine press. Static decantation of must. It is produced only in the best vintages

Recommended serving temparature: 16-18°C