Ronk Selectus Pinot Grigio

Ronk Selectus Pinot Grigio

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A kind of wine that shows the perfect selection of matured grapes in the best vineyards. Very carefully nurtured in the cellar. Typical oniony color with salmon shades. The smell of matured fruits, citruses, roasted apples and matured pear really stands out. there are also hints of field’s flowers and matured apricots. Perfect balance between warmth and softness, freshness and deliciousness of the mineral habitat. It stands out with its full body and discrete elegance. This Grigio will be a great companion for a veal stew, stuffed young beef in sauce and gentle cheeses.

Country of origin: Slovenia

Region: Goriška Brda

Varietal: 100% Pinot Grigio

Alcohol volume: 12,5%

Wine style: Dry white

Closure: Cork

Brand: Ronk

Size: 750mL

Current vintage: 2019

Vinification:  spontaneous fermentation in contact with skins of berries (maceration) for 7 days in stainless steel tanks at monitored temperature. Soft pressure with the pneumatic winepress. Static decantation of a must

Recommended serving temparature: 12-14°C

Orange wine, also known as skin-contact white wine, skin-fermented white wine, or amber wine, is a type of wine made from white wine grapes where the grape skins are not removed, as in typical white wine production, and stay in contact with the juice for days or even months. This contrasts with conventional white wine production, which involves crushing the grapes and quickly moving the juice off the skins into the fermentation vessel. The skins contain colour pigment, phenols and tannins that would normally be considered undesirable for white wines, while for red wines skin contact and maceration is a vital part of the winemaking process that gives red wine its color, flavor, and texture.

Maceration is the winemaking process where tannins coloring agents and flavor compounds—are leached from the grape skins, seeds and stems into the must. To macerate is to soften by soaking, and maceration is the process by which the red wine receives its red color, since raw grape juice is clear-grayish in color.